We are local firm in Thailand who can serve and support your business as three fields: - Legal Practices - Accounting Practices - Audit Practices
Doing Business in Thailand
Start your own business with great opportunities. We can support you from advisory to running business which is compiled the law.
Law, Financial & Taxation
Legal Compliance, Accounting, Tax Report, Financial Report, Payroll, Tax Advisory which are the most important part of every business. Start it with us.
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Legal Practices

Accounting Practices

Auditing Practices

Legal Advisory

To do business in Thailand, we are local firm who has an experience on this filed. We can give you the best solution which suit your natural business. We will make you engage your business legally with high efficiency. That will help your business grow faster and stronger than usual.

We surly you do not want to do anything illegal because you do not know Thai law well. To protect your business by doing comply with all regulation and law is better than fix the future problem that might be happened by ignorance.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.

Company Limited

The Company Limited is one of the most popular entities for start business in Thailand because this entity can engage various business activities and the structure is very formal, the investor and operator are separated.

Actuary, Company Limited can be trusted and valued in a business world. Because the Company Limited was established by the registration with the Department of Business Development, the government authority, that will be required to present the corporate profile, financial status, information of shareholders, directors, authorize directors, memorandum, and etc. All of the registered documents are presented in public for everyone who wants to research and seek for a business partner. Thus, why the company limited is very popular.

The investors will be the shareholders of the Company. The liability of them will be limited as the shares that they own. For normal activities of a business, it will be a liability of managing part such as Company Director.

However, the director of the company has to come from the shareholder meeting resolution. So it will have a relation between shareholders and board of director.

Registration of Company Limited

It should start from the Company name reservation. We can make a reservation with the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce. So the name has to be complied with the regulation of them. Then the meeting for establishment of company should be set up by the investor who will become a shareholder of the company. According to the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand, its call “Promoter”. The company must have at least 3 promoters and all of them should be person and they shall become shareholders of the company.

Accounting Practices


Accounting – The Heart of Business

As you know every business is needed money for operating, managing and running on the way through the target that you set. The business has no money like a body without blood, the business which has blood without hart, life cannot happen. If your business has enough blood in the body and also has a strong hart, the new life will be raised in the business world.

We can be a part of your hart which always support your financial part by giving advice, preparing all necessary financial matters, tax report and all of your request.

We introduce you our services include but not limited to: –

Book Keeping

Tax Report

Financial Report


Tax Advisory

Immigration – Visa and Work Permit

The foreigner who want to visit Thailand is required a visa for permission of entering the country. Except some nationals that have a treaty with Thailand for economic and tourism purpose. They will be permitted to stay in Thailand under the tourist purpose for 15 – 60 days upon the treaty between the contries.


Rochana Legal and Accounting Services - Visa and Work Permit

A visa is a permission of entering the country that is granted by Royal Thai Embassy / Consulate oversea. If you are not nationals which are visa exempted or want to visit Thailand by other purpose, you have to apply for a visa with Royal Thai Embassy / Consulate oversea before.

Type of Visa

  • Transit Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Smart Visa
  • Non-Immigrant Visa
  • Permanent Resident Visa

Work Permit

Rochana Legal and Accounting Services - Visa and Work Permit

A work permit is a permission of working in Thailand. It is required for a foreigner who wants to work in Thailand.

The authority of work permit is Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour. They will consider the application by their regulation and potential of the company which is employer. If the company cannot engage business because the natural business is required a business license or FBL, they will not approve a work permit application.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us. We can give you deep details about the requirement of laws and practices. We always prepare to support you all around situations.

Notary Public

Mostly documents that made in Thailand for using them in other country should be notarized by Notary Public.

In Thailand, the notary public law are carried out by attorneys. Regarding the Lawyer Act, a notary public is called a Notarial Services Attorney. We can provide you all including but not limited to: –

  • Verification and certification of the real signatures
  • Certification of copies of original documents
  • Certification of copies of official documents that was issued by government
  • Administering and documenting oaths