Many purposes of business might be requested a business due diligence for business consideration. we give you a report for the subject that you want such as corporate structure and ownership, financial, assets, operation, risk, compliance and etc.

We give you the example of scope of our services as follows: –

Financial Statement

The most of business entities have a duty to submit the financial statement that was audited by auditor within 4 months from the Company’s financial year end and approved by ordinary shareholder’s meeting within 1 month from the date of the financial statements approval to Department of Business Development (DBD).

List of Shareholders

The director of the company has a duty to prepare a list of shareholders holding shares at the time of the annual shareholders meeting and submit to the DBD within 14 days from the date of the meeting.

Shareholders registration book

The company has a duty to prepare the registration book of shareholders for keeping the details of shareholders and the company shares held by them. It should be amended every time that has any changes.

Share Certificate

The company has to prepare share certificates for the Company’s shareholders as per shares owned by them.

Corporate Amendment

Every amendment about the corporate matter that were registered with authorities, the company must to register with the authorities in the period under the regulations of them


Most of business entities must pay for a corporate income tax as a rate from the net profit of each year including the monthly tax such as withholding tax and VAT (Value Added Tax).