The Company Limited is one of the most popular entities for start business in Thailand because this entity can engage various business activities and the structure is very formal, the investor and operator are separated.

Actuary, Company Limited can be trusted and valued in a business world. Because the Company Limited was established by the registration with the Department of Business Development, the government authority, that will be required to present the corporate profile, financial status, information of shareholders, directors, authorize directors, memorandum, and etc. All of the registered documents are presented in public for everyone who wants to research and seek for a business partner. Thus, why the company limited is very popular.

The investors will be the shareholders of the Company. The liability of them will be limited as the shares that they own. For normal activities of a business, it will be a liability of managing part such as Company Director.

However, the director of the company has to come from the shareholder meeting resolution. So it will have a relation between shareholders and board of director.

Registration of Company Limited

It should start from the Company name reservation. We can make a reservation with the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce. So the name has to be complied with the regulation of them. Then the meeting for establishment of company should be set up by the investor who will become a shareholder of the company. According to the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand, its call “Promoter”. The company must have at least 3 promoters and all of them should be person and they shall become shareholders of the company.