To start your business in Thailand. You can decide to establish the entity that suit your natural business and comply with the Law. Thailand give you a permission to engage business in several category thus, the law open to set-up many business entity.

In Thailand, we have a variety of entities for business conduction. You can decide which entity suits your business such as: –

  1. Partnership (Ordinary)
  2. Limited Partnership
  3. Company Limited
  4. Public Company Limited
  5. Representative Office
  6. Branch Office
  7. Regional Office

However, as the registration of each entity is not be the same. The requirements and conditions of them are difference thus it will challenge for this who do not know the Thai law and legal practices well.

We are here for supporting you from start to the end including advisory, secretary, proceeding, compliance, etc. We have experiences in handling highly complex corporate subjects for every situation. You can start your business in Thailand smoothly and fully efficiencies.