According to the Film Act B.E. 2551(2008), any foreign filmmaker wishing to shoot film including documentary, music video, commercial, TV program and docudrama in Thailand, has to apply for permission from Thailand Film Office.

As the regulation the foreign filmmakers are required to hire a local coordinator (company or individual) who is officially registered with the Thailand Film Office, Office of Tourism Development.

After you already hire a local coordinator, you should provides all of details for shooting include but not limited to story board, areas for shooting and scripts to Thailand Film Office for consideration.

When a permit is granted, a Monitoring Officer will be appointed by the Thailand Film Office who is sent form the concerned government agencies to monitor and give advice at the shooting locations.

The required documents for permission are: –

  1. A letter made by the assigned local coordinator, informing the Director-General of the Office of Tourism Development.
  2. An assignment letter made by the foreign filmmaker, showing they have chosen and hired a local coordinator.
  3. Storyboard
  4. Treatment for documentaries
  5. Theme (concept)
  6. Details of content and objectives
  7. A schedule of filming in Thailand specifying exact dates and locations.
  8. Name list, passport numbers, positions and arrival dates of foreign film crews.