The employer, how is the important are they?

We know the most important part of many businesses is the employer. Sometimes the business owners need to focus on their business to create more opportunities, benefits or something that make the business grow up as well as the employee can be grown together.

However, on the way to your goal, some of your employees always need to be concentrated on their efforts.

We offer you a comprehensive and professional payroll outsourcing that is including but not limited to:-

  1. Obtain a payslip to individual employee
  2. Bank file to disburse funds to individual employees’ accounts
  3. Disburse tax, Social Security Fund that are required by law, and provident fund
  4. Social Security Fund report
  5. Social Security Fund registration for joiner and leaver staffs (required by law)
  6. Filing all tax and social security returns
  7. Preparation of the personal income tax returns
  8. Preparation of the Withholding tax certificates and returns

We consider the privacy and protection of our clients’ data to be of the utmost importance and it always be kept in the confidential part of our database with a limited access to protect the security and integrity of all such information