To open a restaurant in Thailand, the district office in the area which the restaurant located is authority.

Your restaurant will be permitted to operate after received a license from district office. You have to prepare all of requirement such as: –

  1. At least one Thai employee has to pass an hygiene test, the examination might be made an appointment before
  2. Layout of the restaurant (blue print of the interior)
  3. Square meter of the restaurant
  4. Approval report of restaurant inspection (it will be prepared by the officer team who come to inspect your restaurant)

Alcohol License

Your restaurant might be required an alcohol license, if some part of your business activities are related with the manufacturing, import and sale of alcohol beverage. Even the mixture contains alcohol beverage.

Please note that according to the Liquor Act of Thailand, the license holder must not sell any alcohol beverages to any people who younger than 20 years or people who lose their awareness and must not sell next to education and religion areas and can sale between 11:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 24:00.

if your business activities are related to one or all of the activities below, you should apply for an alcohol license with the Excise Department, Ministry of Finance: –

  1. Manufacturing, production and possession of related equipment of Alcohol
  2. Import more than 1 liter of alcohol
  3. Transportation of untaxed alcohol from a factory
  4. Transportation of more than 10 liters of alcohol
  5. Transportation of more than 1 liter but less than 10 liters of alcohol between provinces
  6. Sell alcoholic beverages